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Techniques and materials

My technique strays a bit from the traditional. Often I use larger pieces of natural stone for my palette choosing each piece for it's unique qualities and colors. I like to use several different types of slate and travertine, glass and ceramic tile together so that the result is a rich blending of textures and shapes that the eye take in and the hand can touch time and again.

I create murals in different ways depending on the needs of the customer. Through our conversation we come to an understanding of what you'd like and I'll assess if I can cut the stone into that design. A lot of detail can be daunting, not that I can't do it, but it takes time and I must price accordingly.

I do a mock up sketch and will send it if you want. Some homeowners are happy to let me have at it and look forward to the surprise of the finished piece. Some want to see what I'm starting with. I spend enough time talking with you so that we both are quite clear about what is expected and what I will do.

I like to use different colored slates. Great for earth, grassy fields, tree trunks, elk antlers, etc. Glassy rich marbles are great for mountains, and travertines with strong orange, yellows and red for autumn leaves. In 'Shiny River' (see home page) I used a slate with mica in the river - quite reflective. I like to use all sorts of wild rock I get from a third generation rock hound with drawers full of jasper, petrified wood and gads of stuff with crazy names out of my geology book. There's a white rock that has a cauliflower appearance I've used for clouds. I just love it.

When I start the mural I study hundreds of stone tile pieces I've amassed through the years, lining the walls of my basement studio. I pick out pieces after carefully weighing textures and colors against each other, convincing them to work together. I've used stained glass along side granite, semi-precious stone next to pebbles, both matte and glossy finishes and more together!

Once I cut the pieces I adhere them to 1/4" cement board. The mural once created, is shipped, fully insured. Once installed, if a backsplash, it is then grouted.







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